Be aware of MODERN MOVING CO. from Michigan

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Be aware of MODERN MOVING CO. from Michigan

Postby Maria » Thu Jul 13, 2006 2:00 pm

I moved my 2 bedroom from Michigan to Florida in January 2006
MODERN MOVING Co located in Farmington Hills showed up on time but that was pretty much it
I wasn't at home so my roommate signed the list of the items they previously packed. After they left with our staff I noticed that even though all my furniture were brand new
(a few months old) they marked all the items as they were scratched and badly use so there will be no problem later.

After hundreds of phone calls made to the company and help from corporate attorney
I got my staff after 1 month! Truck driver and two other guys were very rude, did not allow me to check the inventory, they said I have 30 days to claim any damages or missing boxes. Nothing was missing but Furniture scratched and damaged, dirty mattresses and missing pieces of the furniture, broken glass.
The owner is very vulgar, didn’t want to respond to the phone calls and called me all kinds of names, truck driver impossible to reach, they said that the truck broked down on the way to Florida and it was nothing they could do, and it was horrible experience
Now I have to move again from Florida back to Michigan and I am already scared what’s going to happen this time.

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Re: Be aware of MODERN MOVING CO. from Michigan

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jul 13, 2006 5:02 pm

For your upcoming move, read this article:

For your past move, please file a complaint both here (look up to the right) and click the box to send that complaint to the DOT, then go to the BBB and file the same complaint there. I have read a number of complaints like yours about Modern Moving on various websites, not just this one, but the BBB never seems to get any of these complaints.

The site is not functioning at the moment, but here's the link to their report. ... &type=name

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