Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!!!!

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Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!!!!

Postby Glenn925 » Fri Jul 21, 2006 8:48 pm


As promissed, I am writing this review of a recent move from NJ to FL using WOW of United Van Lines, located in Midland Park, NJ.

Estimated weight of move: 18,000lbs
Actual weight of move: 19,300lbs

Total cost including "some" packing, 3 crates, moving a piano up the block ($270), and $100k of insurance w/$500 deductible: $10,020.

Packers were scheduled for 9am-9:30am on 7/12/06. They arrived slightly late but they were lost & I helped them find me. Mapquest not the best for my street. Was a nice older couple. Packed with care & explained things we should be doing when packing. Very nice people. Left me a 6-pack of tape, packing paper, and a dozen of those big picture cushioned packing paper (normally $2.50 each). Didn't charge me for any of them. I gave them a $30 tip. 100% perfect experience.

Movers were scheduled for 9am-9:30am on the 13th. They arrived @ 10:45am. Driver called, could hardly understand him. Says there is traffic. Once they arrived, they told my mom (I had to run out), that they didn't know anything about the piano. Once he heard he was getting $270 for the move, he was fine with it. I had the brother team of Angel & Jose & 3 helpers. One of the helpers decided he was ill 1/4 way through the move & did virtually nothing the rest of the time but complain. Although he did liven up when the move was over & it was time for tipping!!! Overall these guys did a great job. No damage to my home or anything dropped when moving me out. They boxed the mattresses, crated a few things, and worked their butts off from 11am until 9:30pm. I gave the 2 helpers that worked, $40 each & the sick guy, $20. The brothers were to drive & meet me in Florida so I would tip them there.

Unfortunatley, this is where we ran into problems. They were to move the piano up the street, but didn't have a piano dolly. So they had to come back in the AM. They PROMISED they would be there b4 8:30am,,,but didn't arrive until 9:30am. LATE AGAIN. They said they were stuck in traffic on Route 23. I believe them. Once they were there, the piano move went 100% smoothly & the buyer was extremely happy.

They gave me a window of the 18th or 19th for the Florida dropoff. They were 100% on. They arrived late on the 18th & slept in the cab, right in front of my home, until the morning of the 19th. We started unloading @ around 8am on the 19th. The 2 brothers were there, one of their wives & one of their sons (about 13 years old). Was a bit strange not seeing "serious muscle" but the 4 of them did the job. They were done unloading & putting things together by around 4:30pm. Only damage I have noticed so far is some scratches to my crappy kitching table...They noticed it & pointed it out. Other then that, all seemed to go very well. Boxes looked good. Haven't found serious damage yet. I gave the brothers a $100 tip EACH, the wife $40 & the kid $35.

All in all, tipping totalled just over $400 on a $10k job. They seemed VERY happy with the tips they received.

Overall I was exteremly pleased with the service provided. If there was a flaw in this process it was with Lauren Adessi, my service rep. She is a person who is EXTREMELY NICE, but her lack of return phone calls was a bit annoying. I always seemed to have to call her!!! I called her 3x on the day I was flying out to Florida with 0 return calls. I was trying to find out the weight of my shipment & the exact date of delivery. Finally on 3rd call, I got her & she had the info. VERY, VERY, VERY nice person,,,but lack of return calls was the only "glitch" in this process.

So there you have it. A 19k move for $10k from NJ to FL, including insurance, packing, crating, etc. Great guys all around!!!

Any ?'s, let me know. Glenn


Re: Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!

Postby Guest » Fri Jul 21, 2006 8:50 pm


also supplied them with lunch both days...


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Re: Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!

Postby Diane » Fri Jul 21, 2006 9:58 pm

Glenn, thanks so much for this. You had a GNTE (Option C) quote, right? That was fortunate, given the extra weight.

So people can see the runup to this, here is your first post about your move - ... 4290#64290 In that post you said that your salesman was Dick Cooper.

It was interesting to me that the driver and his brother were happy with a $100 tip each (total of $200) on a $10K move. I had heard that in the New York area, a tip of 15% was expected for a long-distance move. Maybe your experience is more realistic.

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Re: Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!

Postby Michael » Fri Jul 21, 2006 10:17 pm

Diane and Glenn,

Your better drivers in the industry arent going to expect tips. They understand that they work for a company where they make money for the service they provide. Now if tipped I am sure they are pleased. But personally, I think anyone in this industry that expects a tip shouldnt be tipped or in the industry.

I dont agree with the 13 year old being out there, but it happens. Has even happened to me on a few of my moves in the past. Not exactly the "extensive quality training" a company puts their crews through, ha ha.

Glad to hear your move went well.

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Re: Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!

Postby glenn925 » Tue Jul 25, 2006 11:55 am


Sorry took me so long to reply,,,haven't had internet access!!!

My quote was NOT a GNTE quote. I paid the difference. Dick was unable to give me a GNTE quote because about 30% of the things in my house were not coming. For that reason, it would have been very hard for the movers to make sure they were taking what was quoted & not taking what I said I wasn't sending!!! I was OK with that as if my whole house was going, it would have been a 30,000lb move. I sold much of my heavy stuff & donated the rest.

Regarding the tip. I have to say that 15% simply sounds way too much for a tip!! That would have been $1,500 in tips??? Jeez,,,for that kind of $$$, I will move people!!

The 2 brothers who were in charge of the move, "seemed" happy with the $100 each. If they weren't, I couldn't tell. Then again, they got $100 each, were paid $270 to move the piano up the street, got lunch both days, and took home a bunch of things I didn't want like computers (w/o the harddrives), a small tv, rugs, safe, xmas things, etc etc. The young son who I gave $35 (I think) to, actually came back into my home after the move to thank me again...All left with smiles on their faces.

All-in-all a good move. I am unpacking now & have found nothing damaged yet!!!!!!!!

Keep up the great work on this site & thank you for making my 1st major move a smooth one. I could only imagine what could have happened if I went with one of the other movers I was considering.



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Re: Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!

Postby BigLeeCalif » Tue Jul 25, 2006 12:44 pm

Glenn, glad you had a good moving experience.

One of the things I don't think I have heard mention here is that if you are happy with the service, please take a moment to drop a line of thanks to Wade Odell.

Most companies put what we call "attaboy letters" in the personnel files of the crews that receive them, and at my company we had a wall dedicated to the letters we received praising the crews. We called it our wall of fame.
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Re: Review of Wade-Odell-Wade, United Van Lines recent move!

Postby Diane » Tue Jul 25, 2006 1:03 pm

Recipe for a good move:

1. A good agent of a good van line.
2. A sales rep who knows how to estimate accurately.
3. A large shipment going to FL -> self-haul.
4. A Nonbinding estimate (as in the old days before deregulation).
5. A pleasant, informed, generous customer.
6. A happy driver because of the good agent, good sales rep, large shipment, Nonbinding estimate, and pleasant customer.

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