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Postby Determined » Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:21 am

I just won in small claims court in Honolulu against Republic Van Lines, Poway, (Agents for North American Van Lines) in the amount of $3,577.00 and now plan on slapping them with a lien if they don't pay and respond to the judgment.

I'll keep this as short as possible. Last year they packed my household/personal belongings in Vista, Ca to be shipped to Honolulu. They sent two illegal workers who could barely speak English. The crates had to be taken back to Republic Van Lines dock to be re-packed.

(1) The original quote/container summary reflected estimated weight of 3357 lbs costing $4,075. Since the quote, I sold a 455lb couch, filing cabinets, garage items plus many other heavy items. Late in the afternoon the day before I had to depart to Hawaii (they had a week) they called and notified me that the weight was over 4000 lbs and the cost is $5,495.00. They knew I was leaving and when I questioned the wght and cost, the dock manager smirked and walked by. This was late Friday, I was leaving on Sunday.

(2) When I originally talked with the lady in the office who was never there, who was working from home, she was aware that I lived in a high rise, and we discussed the elevator costs. I told her to include everything in the final price. I also called and request insurance.

(3) She never followed through on the insurance and the Hawaii movers demanded an extra $200.00 for elevator charges before they would deliver the shipment.

(4) Shipment arrived with 10 boxes missing, and several broken items, chipped furniture that was not wrapped but just packed with no protection. My better dresses and formal gowns that I had hanging in a clothes type hanging box and been taken out, crushed into the middle of the TV cabinet -- unwrapped. I have photo's.

I had just returned from a visit from South Africa where my 93 year old mother gave me her coin & stamp collection along with the most precious gift I have ever received. Her dairy and memoirs of her life and journeys in Africa, and my grandfather's experiences of the Boer War. This was to be passed down to her grand children in the US. ALL GONE...VANISHED.
I don't care about the china, crystal or the African curious that are missing but the's heart breaking.

(5) When I approached them about the situation, I was told to call Unipack Freight Fwds in Carlsbad, they in turn told me to deal with Republic. This went on with no response from Republic Van Lines. - they violated the designated time to respond to my claim. I then wrote letters to the FMSCA, PUC, BBB, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, FLEW BACK TO CA, FILED A THEFT REPORT WITH THE POLICE DEPT. Didn't get very far with the FMSCA but a good response from PUC, San Diego.

Republic Van Lines finally mailed me a check $384.00 which I have not cashed. That's when I decided, OK, mates, you've really P----'d me off big time.

(6) The Process Agent they had listed in Hawaii knew nothing about them and never showed up in court. According to the FMCSA, they were dismissed in 2003 and don't have a listed agent here in Hawaii, even though they have one listed on the FMSCA's Agents for Processing" list There's more to story plus more violations against them that I'm now just discovering.

Even though the Judge ruled in my's not over yet. I plan on pursuing this, even if it takes up my beach, hiking and cycling time....I will find the time. MOVING SCAMMERS JUST BE STOPPED AND I'M GLAD THAT I FOUND THE MOVING SCAM WEB SITE. Also posted the entire story on Craigslist and plan on keeping it listed until I receive a response from Republic van Lines.

If anyone has any information that could be of assist to me, please share.

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Postby farrah7031 » Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:28 am

I'm sorry about your experience, but it's great that you got a judgement. I wish you the best of luck with the lien.

Just a quick question (because I'm planning on suing my mover and broker), did you file in small claims court? How much did you file for? Did they rule in your favor because no one showed up? If you feel better, you can PM me.


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Postby Michael » Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:20 am


Just a few questions so I can better understand thr process. 1. Did your estimate specifically state what was and what was not included? I know in my quotes I specifically state what is or isnt included at origin or destination.
2. Insurance. Did you not feel out an insurance form stipulating the items you wanted covered and the amounts. Or did you think you were purchasing something but didnt know what it was?? If you purchased the insurance you should be going through Unipack and thier insurance from which you purchased.
3. In regards to the elevator at destination, unless your quote specifically says it was included, then the destination agent has the right to charge for it.
4. I am not quite sure why they would utilize an agent with such a bad history.

Best of luck,

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Postby Diane » Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:46 am

I was told by industry people a long time ago that Republic (North American) in Poway had service issues and I noted that in my summary post on San Diego moving companies - ... 7571#57571 This is the first independent confirmation of problems. People should probably avoid this company since there are several very good companies in the San Diego area.

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