Great cross-country move with University Van Lines, NJ/Atlas

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Great cross-country move with University Van Lines, NJ/Atlas

Postby NYC to CO » Tue Aug 08, 2006 12:04 am

First, I want to say that this site was invaluable to me when I was planning our move from NYC (Manhattan) to the Boulder, CO area. Because of this site we were able to avoid all the traditional moving pitfalls and scams. Thank you guys so much!!!

I want to report on my move now that it's complete, to add to the reviews and to give credit where credit is definately due. In NYC we got 3 estimates: from Liffey Van Lines/Allied, Dahill/Mayflower, and University/Atlas. All were similar weight, about 5200 lbs and similar price (though different estimate types). We liked the Dahill (Chris Blank) and University (Scott Micalizzi) estimators best because they spent the most time with us discussing every detail, giving us helpful packing tips etc. I would have been happy with either company and we ended up going with University because they gave us a binding not-to-exceed estimate that could potentially go down. (Dahill offered us either a non-binding or a binding that could not go down.)

Scott Micalizzi was available and responsive pre-move: I e-mailed him a few times with questions and he was gracious and helpful each time. Moving day was set for July 18th. University called us the day before the move, gave us a time frame when the movers would come and the next day they were right on time. The driver Bo (I wish I remembered his last name) was fantastic, professional, polite, and organized. He and his crew of 3 worked carefully, quickly, and tirelessly, a real feat given that it was literally 100 degrees and 96% humidity in NYC that day. We actually felt pretty good seeing these guys drive off with our stuff. Then next day University called with the weight estimate and final charge - about 1000 dollars less than our estimate. Needless to say we were pleased. (We did get rid of a significant amount of stuff between the estimate and moving day so I don't think the estimates were as off as they seem.)

Then we went to Colorado to wait for our stuff. About halfway through our delivery spread we got a call from Al Percy, our Atlas driver, to say he though he would arrive on Monday (this was on the previous Thursday). Monday moning he called to say he was at the Atlas agent in Denver and that he would be at our house as soon as he got his labor, around 11 am. At about 10 am (one hour early) the Atlas 18-wheeler pulled up in front of our house. Mr. Percy and his crew were also friendly, polite, utterly professional, and extremely competent. They had our entire load unloaded in under and hour and a half. Everything was there, nothing was damaged. We were thrilled. However, later that day we went to put together a table with a metal frame and discovered that the 2 center bars (packed seperately) were missing. We called Al Percy on his cell phone and he said he'd look for the bars and call us back. We were not optimistic but several hours later Mr. Percy was on the phone: he had the bars and would be happy to have us meet him and pick them up. Within half an hour we had the bars back and not one single complaint about the whole move.

Again, I want to thank everyone at this site for working so hard and providing this service to the rest of us. I hope this post helps someone else.

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Re: Great cross-country move with University Van Lines, NJ/A

Postby Diane » Tue Aug 08, 2006 2:51 am

Thanks so much for this review - I added it to University's thread and I also added your praise of Chris Blank at Dahill to our Dahill review thread. Your review is one more example of how people commonly end up paying less than the GNTE estimate amount with University.
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