Chicago to Toronto, Just Moved - Good Experience with Planes

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Chicago to Toronto, Just Moved - Good Experience with Planes

Postby psmoore » Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:28 am

Hi - Used MovingScam to help me plan and decide what to do before moving, and thought I would report on things after the fact.

Comments on this site, especially by FRED0844 were great help getting to know how things work on the Canadian side for delivery.

Convinced myself fairly quickly that I needed to use one of the big companies because of the border. I was getting reimbursed so cost was less a factor, otherwise I would have begrudgingly used U-Haul. I was somewhat surprised to find no problems at all arranging a minimum weight move even mid-July.

In the end I got quotes from Planes United (Aurora, IL) and Armstrong United (somewhere out by O'Hare). Stopped after that because I already was impressed by the Planes rep and I figured from this site that quotes would not vary much because it was minimum weight, so the timing was key. Armstrong rep was open about not knowing much about moves to Canada, while the Planes rep knew everything off the top of his head, and had a little portable office to print off my estimate and discuss details right in my apartment.

All aspects with Planes went fantastic, prompt and helpful. No complaints at all. Delivery in Toronto with a crew from Calgary (Highland United) was even better, impressive in the middle of 100 degree heatwave.

Still shocked with the cost, although convinced it is standard.
In Chicago, I lived in Lakeview and had to book a small-truck dispatch for an extra $400. I still don't really understand why the extra cost when it gets consolidated for the long-haul regardless. The Highland United delivery guys made an extra effort NOT to call in the small truck dispatch in a similarly cramped midtown Toronto neighbourhood. (Thanks guys!)

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Re: Chicago to Toronto, Just Moved - Good Experience with Pl

Postby Diane » Thu Aug 10, 2006 2:03 pm

Hi - thanks very much for this review and I've added it to my summary post on Illinois companies linked to below.
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Re: Chicago to Toronto, Just Moved - Good Experience with Pl

Postby Fred0844 » Thu Aug 10, 2006 7:21 pm

Do you know the name of the driver?

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