Sims "Awesome" Movers in Coffeen,Illinois

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Sims "Awesome" Movers in Coffeen,Illinois

Postby MominTexas » Mon Aug 14, 2006 2:40 pm

Sorry, I'm still in transit using unfamiliar computers, so please excuse typos!

My goods arrived last week with BE, and are in storage. I contracted via with Sims Awesome movers in Coffeen, Illinois. The owner & I spoke several times prior to moving day--I almost cancelled with them & now regret not doing so. He was a belligerent guy who found it hard to accept that I couldn't pinpoint the exact time that my mover would arrive. I had a window for arrival, but didn't know the exact day until 2 days prior to the arrival, and didn't know the approximate time until the night before. The BE driver was diverted to pickup another load enroute to my drop off that was not expected.

Anyway, I explained to Mrs. Sims that I would contract with a different emover, because her spouse led me to believe they were not available at the ultimate day/time. She assured me they could easily add another clue. I must add that Mr. Sims agreed to also help with the move from storage to the new house 7 days later & he urged me not to book it through emove because he "could give me a better deal" over the phone.

Well, my son & myself, along with our BE driver and some help from my 80 yr old dad unloaded for 1 hour before the guys arrived (they were only 15 min late, but it was threatening to pour). The emove contract was to work for 3 hours. They were there for 1.5 hours and did an "OK" job. Some things were not too cool, and because they didn't pack tight into the storage, I had to rent another small storage area that day to fit a couple of dressers in. I was just too tired & worn out to argue. I expected the additional 1 hour to be written off my arrangement with Sims for the following week & called him to talk business AFTER releasing the payment code to the guys AND tipping them, telling them I'd see them next week.

Well, Mr. Sims was not willing to take less for their work than the full 3 hours pay. Said they should have/would have "worked slower" if he knew that I'd want credit for that time. His tone was so ugly, I explained that with his attitude I wouldn't be requiring their help this next weekend . . . that was "fine" with him.

Word of caution--don't release the payment code unless you are satisfied with the whole deal. I could have just written them a check if I knew that it would work out like this. I checked with my attorney& reread the emove contract. If I tried to dispute this, I'd be wrong. I also think it may be unwise to try to go outside emove to arrange with companies that you really don't know.

I have more photos to download of my goods arriving . . . and I've arranged for a different company to help with moving in this weekend.

Stress, stress,stress.

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Re: Sims "Awesome" Movers in Coffeen,Illinois

Postby jhugh4 » Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:44 pm


My name is Joshua and I am one of the owners of Sims Awesome Moving Co. Recently, I was made aware that this review was floating around on this site. Even though it is a few years old now I want to respond to it by way of letting customers know the entirety of the story.
There are three partners in this business and each of us have had an opportunity to work with her whether by phone or on the job. Each of us have been left with the impression that her expectations were beyond what is reasonable in this situation.
Let me begin. She is correct in the statement by saying that there was not a set time. She phoned us and told us to be at the storage facility at 11:00. We live over an hour away from the location so we needed time to travel. She did not know when her truck was coming in and so as soon as we received notice that day we headed for the facility. She stated that the owner was a belligerent fellow who was aggravated about pinpointing the exact time. This is a source of difficulty as in the summer there can be a number of moves on any given day and we have to do our best to schedule it right so we can maximize our time. However, anyone who knows the general manager and has ever spoken to him would know that he has excellent qualities in dealing with customers and would never treat a valued customer with disrespect. This is in fact not the truth.
Now, she was aggravated that we did not show up an hour earlier even though she admits that was her responsibility to give us enough time to get there. She told us 11:00 and we were there. Yet in two reviews that she has left she has mentioned it. Why? We were there when she told us to be there and it is not our fault if she did not work out the information with her driver. She had no business unloading the truck with her 80-year old Dad, her son and her driver and then acting like it was our company that was at fault. We were there when she asked us to be there. I was there and a few items had been unloaded but I can sure you that Jon and I unloaded the bulk of it. There was no breaks, damage or sloppy packing. She had a lot of stuff in the semi and it simply would not fit.
Now, we finished the job and she seemed pleased. She told us that she would hire us again and gave us a tip. Why? She thought we did mediocre job and then tipped us and told us we were good. Then she gave us the payment code. The money that is taken through emove does not come to us directly. It goes to paypal and then comes to us a few days after the fact. She was advised to contact emove to make adjustments in the payment as that is emove policy. Since she stated that she would use us again we offered to apply the hour and half to the next week's work.
When we offered moving help outside of emove it was because we are able to save her money in the long run. Emove charges the customer a fee. We are not a scam of a business. We are licensed and insured through the state of Illinois. When we offer a better deal it is legitimate.
Her word of advice about not giving a pay code is incorrect. It is required before the movers show up that you have the pay code on hand. Her problem was with emove and not with us and yet she has unfairly pegged us. Allow me to recap.

1. She told us to be there at 11:00 and we were.
2. It took us an hour and half to unload her even though she paid for 3.
3. She was supposed to work that out with emove and blamed us for her lack of initiative to accomplish the task of working that out with emove. We are 3rd party contractors with emove and that is her responsibility not ours.
Thanks for allowing me time to explain. God bless.

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Re: Sims "Awesome" Movers in Coffeen,Illinois

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:13 am

I'm surprised nobody responded to this way back when, but I would have said the same things as you.

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