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Bayshore Transportation System, Inc.

Bayshore Transportation System, Inc.

901 Dawson Dr
Newark, DE 19713-3417
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Reviews for Bayshore Transportation System, Inc.

Paco R. 08/16/13
Outstanding movers. I used them to pack, store, move, and unpack from the east coast to the southwest. Everything went smoothly. The packers did an excellent job: professional demeanor, efficient, and everything labeled appropriately. The movers picked everything up and were careful not to damage the items nor the house. Upon delivery, very quick and again professional. Furniture was set up perfectly. No damage. Customer service contact, Keri Voelz, was available anytime and answered all questions. She called in periodically to check how the movers, packers, and the delivery guys were doing. Mark Allgaier was detailed and accurate in his estimate. This was my third move with Bayshore Allied. Every move went perfectly and I would use them again. If you want peace of mind about your move, then choose this company. You will be satisfied.

Carol S. 11/26/09
We had a terrific moving experience with Bayshore Allied. From our initial contacts with the company sales rep, Bill Haywood, to our driver's good byes in Arizona it was a pleasure. We emptied a big old 2 story colonial in Pennsylvania packed with 40 years and 3 kids worth of furniture and "stuff" and took it clear across country to Tucson, AZ. We packed ourselves to save some money and Bayshore helped us with all the boxes we needed to do the job well at very little additional expense. There were so many loose ends to tie up in those last few days before the move and all the while my husband and I were worrying about how it would all actually get out to AZ safely. We didn't know the movers, we'd never moved like that before, and we had read all the horror stories online about hostile takeovers of your stuff at the other end and damage you can't recover...the works. Ugh!

No worries with our guys from Bayshore. They were wonderful. They put us at ease and went to work tirelessly loading the better part of a full van with our stuff and as I watched them in between last minute packing tasks I could see that they were taking way better care of our stuff than we ever would have and that we were in really good hands. It was pricey, I can't deny that and we are veteran do it yourselfers, but this was one time I have to say I'm glad we left it to the pros. There were so many other things to tend to and even 4 years after the fact I know that having Bayshore take that burden away from us was one of the smartest things we did when we moved here.
One funny post script we still laugh about was the look on our head mover's face when he finally pulled that big van up in front of our small AZ rancher. He climbed down out of the truck walked over to us and said "Do you really plan to get all this stuff into that little place?"
We cringed and crossed our fingers because he was right - it looked impossible. After two huge garage sales, lots of Craig's List selling and giving away more stuff than you can imagine we still had too much stuff. But we got it all in thanks to Bayshore's help and they actually worked on Thanksgiving day to get us settled more quickly. Amazing! It's been a while now and I rarely write these kinds of feedback things but when I got this email I had a few minutes and I just had to "tell my story" as my way of thanking Bayshore Allied for such a painless and professional moving experience. We remain grateful to this day and always recommend them when we know folks are planning a big move.
Mover's Response:
Hello! Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I'm smiling as I ready this, but I love happy endings. We're glad we could be a part of your wonderful moving experience as well as being able to take some of the stressful burden from you with everything else going on with an interstate move this size - glad to help. We hope we can assist in the future.

We do have a Friends & Family Referral Program in place that states if you referral a friend or family member and they book their move with Bayshore you will receive a $50.00 gift card. So if you still have family/friends in the area feel free to refer them to us. Thanks again.

Robert B. 04/03/13

Bayshore provided a very successful move. They packed us in Cecil county MD in 2012, stored our possessions for 6 months, then delivered them to Sussex County DE in April 2013
the workers were courteous, efficient, polite, worked quietly. we had 70 boxes of packed items plus the furniture. the lady that did the valuables packing was so careful - noth8ing was damaged.
we did have 1 small bureau mirror that was broken in half. It was replaced quickly by the insurance claim department
we have told others about the excellent service provided by Bayshore Movers! thank you

r d. 07/11/11
Absoultely the worst experience. Having moved over 15 times by professional movers in the past, Bayshore, it's drivers, and custome support were at times both uncooperative and hostile. My shipment was split into two deliveries, weeks apart. We couldn't even begin to put our new home togther because parts to assemble furniture were in the second shoipment. Bayshore failed us miserably.
Mover's Response:
We are very sorry to hear about your experience and we would really like to speak to you about this. Please contact Melissa at (302) 781-3419 or by email to [email protected] as soon as possible.
Thank you
Melissa Sherman

Zach G. 05/27/11
Unfortunately, my experience with Bayshore was not great. We had to put a lot of our stuff into storage when we arrived at our destination, but we specifically instructed the movers to not put any garment boxes into the storage container, because we needed our clothes. Unfortunately, one of the boxes (which contained most of my wife's clothes for work) was placed into the storage container without us noticing. I contacted Bayshore and spoke with Matt Miller from the claims department and explained the situation (at the time we did not know if the box was in storage or was simply lost). I told Matt that I wanted to get movers to unload/reload the container to see if the box was in there, and he said that I would be reimbursed if it was a mistake made by one of the Bayshore movers. We had to spend $269 for movers to find the box about half way back into the container, and after I sent Matt the bill, he responded that Bayshore would not reimburse us, because of the contract clause that says they are not responsible for items after they are placed into storage. Considering the box was not supposed to be placed into storage to begin with, I would contend that Bayshore should be held responsible for misplacing it and should reimburse us for the expense to fix the mistake. After going back and forth with Matt for over a month about this, he stopped responding to my emails. Given that experience, I will not be recommending Bayshore to anyone.
Mover's Response:
Hello. We are very sorry to hear about your experience and we would really like to speak to you about this. Please contact Melissa at (302) 781-3419 or by email to [email protected] as soon as possible.
Thank you
Melissa Sherman

Craig R. 04/09/13
I moved a one bedroom apartment in Silver Spring, MD to a house in Fort Worth, TX Everything went perfectly with this move! The estimator was timely and professional. The movers were on time, respectful, and competent. They arrived for loading and unloading on time and loaded & unloaded everything quickly and carefully. I had one item damaged--a second hand dining room table that had a part come unglued. I don't think it was their fault.
I highly recommend Bayshore.
Mover's Response:
Thank you for your business and your review. We're always happy to see that our Team was able to provide you with the service you expect and deserve. Hopefully we can be of assistance in the future.
We also have a Friends & Family Referral Program which states if you refer a friend or family member and they book with Bayshore you will receive a $50.00 gift. card. Again, thank you and please let us know if we can assist further.

Susan Z. 12/14/12
This company deserves 10 stars!!! Faced with having to arrange the move of my elderly mother from PA to CO, we were very concerned that she would be an easy target for disreputable movers. Bayshore could not have been a bigger surprise. From the initial phone contact, to the on-site estimate, to the packing and moving team, to the follow-up phone calls--every single person was professional, efficient, polite, and honest. The actual cost came in less than the estimate, the delivery to CO was a day earlier than expected, and when we couldn't locate a couple of items a few days later, we called the van driver and he knew exactly where they had been placed. They took all the stress out of the process, and we could not recommend Bayshore highly enough.

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