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Joyce Van Lines, Inc.

Joyce Van Lines, Inc.

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Reviews for Joyce Van Lines, Inc.

Jeff W. 09/01/14
A good review from [b]nebolisa7[/b] the "Open Community" forum:

[quote]Thanks for all the feedback. We ultimately went with Joyce for a number of reasons and we are so pleased that we did. Our move was seamless and fast. Scott and Dave arrived on Thursday and delivered in New Orleans this (Saturday) morning. Meticulous, professional, detail oriented, kind, respectful of our space and our family, my husband and I were comfortable that Scott and Dave would treat our belongings as they would their own. The office team was equally responsive, knowledgeable and upfront. Kudos to June who was excellent in every way! highly recommend Joyce Van Lines. I have been fortunate to have had very good moving experiences over the years but these guys are the tops! We plan to call them again for our next move to the West Coast! Thank you, again![/quote]

You can find the original post here:

Chuck F. 05/17/14
This was the first time I used Joyce Van Lines (JVL); this was my 12th move in 27 years. I selected JVL to move my household goods from CT to AZ for 2 reasons: (1) lowest cost and (2) I was very impressed by John Adams, the person who performed the on-site estimate for the job. John's estimated weight for the move was very similar to his competitors and John was very responsive to my e-mails before I decided which mover to hire. The crew who loaded and un-loaded the household goods did a great job. I have no complaints and would not hesitate to use JVL again.

Jeff W. 02/01/14
A nice review posted by "chaz4moving" on 2/16/14:

My son recently needed to move from Stamford CT to New York City due to a change in his career. As a side note, he is the manager of a men's clothing store in Manhattan and I am very proud of his success in retail. Tried to get him to be a moving consultant like me but the world of retail was more appealing. Anyway, my son made a few phone calls to movers on his own and reported his findings back to me. The prices he was being quoted sounded way too good to be true. With me telling customers all the time to be careful who they chose to do their move, I suggested he contact my friend, Bill Adams, at Joyce Van Lines. He did and setup the move for Saturday, February 1st. The crew arrived right on time and did a fantastic job. My son who himself had spent some time working on a moving crew in his younger days was very impressed. The move was completed in a timely manner without any damage except to my wallet since I decided paying for his move was the Dad thing to do. I say that in jest as the total bill was most reasonable for the work performed. BTW, I got to know Bill through both of us posting on Very glad I did. Thank you Bill for a wonderful job and assisting my son, daughter-in-law, and two "granddogs" with settling into their new home.
Chaz4moving, Houston TX

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Carl S. 10/10/13
It's been a month now since our move. We have just about finished unloading all the boxes. I'm comfortable now in providing our review of the process.

I've moved many times in my adult life due to a career in the military. We've experienced several of the major and not so major carriers in our cross country moves. By far, Joyce Van Lines met and exceeded all expectations.

The move at both ends was efficient and effective. The crews, while different personnel, were courteous and proactive. Excellent packing and unpacking were perfect such that out of the 400 plus boxes of household goods plus a car all came out just fine.

Personnel to point out for their superlative efforts are Bill Adams, our moving consultant. June Meyerson, in the office providing smooth communication and coordination between the drivers and ourselves. And especially Tom Sturdevant and Tom Crilly, the drivers/supervisors on both ends.

These people represent Joyce Van Lines in an exemplary fashion such that if there is another move in our future, it will be done with Joyce Van Lines!

Bertram 08/26/13
Our move was from Connecticut to Virginia..quite a haul. This company made it easier for us. Both teams were extremely friendly and professional. They were prompt, arriving exactly when they promised. We absolutely recommend thiscompany to anyone making a big move. We would defintely use them again.

Cheryl M. 01/07/14
I was disappointed with my interaction with Joyce van lines... they seemed to go out of their way not to get my business.
I tried to fill out an inventory online, and found it very inadequate, (perhaps i'm not that savvy) but I submitted what it allowed me to, and I got an email the next day to say that they were unable to do my move and I should contact someone else.
Having read such wonderful things about the company, I decided to try in person. The extension I called asked me to leave a voicemail, so I called back, only to be put through to someone who, without letting me finish talking, put me through to the same extension I had reached earlier on.
I called back a third time, and was cut off again, whilst waiting to be put through to someone else.
By the 4th call, I spoke to an unhelpful person, who grudgingly gave me a quote based on the dimensions of my storage unit, and was patently unwilling to continue the conversation.
After reading about how wonderful this company is, I was keen to have them do my move, which is complicated and very stressful for me. However, after these communications, I suppose that for some reason, the feeling is not mutual.
Alas, when you're at the top of the heap, it's easy to pick and choose, please don't forget that it was people like us who got you there in the first place.
I have never written a review before, I typically feel that that energy is better spent going after more positive outcomes. But I was really hoping for better treatment from a company which is held in such high regard.
Mover's Response:
I am very sorry to hear (read about) your dissatisfaction with your communication with our staff. If there is anything I can do for you, feel free to call me directly so that I may help.
Bill Adams 203-561-7837.
Note: I'm not a big fan of the do it yourself inventory system on our site, or any of them fir that matter. But we have it so that those who choose to request quotes that way have a choice. I'm not sure who gave you a hurried quite, but I do know that our office staff transfers calls directly to the cell phones of the estimators who are out in their cars doing in-home estimates. It is very possible that the rep who took your call may have been driving and didn't gave the ability to spend as much time as you would have liked to discuss your move.
I like to answer my phone when it rings to give good service and will pull over to talk. The challenge is trying to do that on a busy highway, or if taking the time to talk and not drive will make me late for my next scheduled in-home appointment. It gets very busy during peak times and its not uncommon to have 5-6 appointments, and take 20 or so calls a day from people looking for "info" or ballpark quotes. I'll also take calls from customers who are already booked needing something. Basically, really busy days limit our ability to give great customer service the way we'd like.
These are no excuses for poor customer service, but it may help you to understand our challenge, and may be what happened with you.
Again, if I can help, please call. Otherwise I wish you the best with your mover of choice and in your new home. Please think of us for next time.

carlene g. 02/20/13
I read many reviews of moving companies on and called Suddath and Joyce to give estimates. Joyce was more expensive than Suddath, but I decided to use them after seeing more positive reviews on them than Suddath. I have never moved with a professional mover before. This move was from NYC to Dallas, from a high rise apartment to a house.
The fact that I would probably have the same crew and driver to pack, drive and unload my shipment in Texas gave me comfort.
The crew of 4 men arrived in NYC exactly on time, worked quickly to unload materials and quietly to finish the complete packing in one day. They loaded everything the following day. They left NY on Friday night, Feb 22, and arrived in Dallas on Monday morning, Feb. 25 at 8:00 am. The unload went quickly. They only reassembled beds and no unpacking was required.
Richard Evans, our driver, and his crew of family members was beyond our expectations. They were pleasant and very professional. We are delighted with our experience and recommend them highly. The office representative, Dierdre, called us often during the packing and unloading to check on our satisfaction and the progress of the job.
It was a complete pleasure to work with Joyce and we will definitely use them in the future. In an otherwise disreputable field, Joyce is a shining star. We are highly satisfied.

Greg L. 05/28/13
A great moving company, the team that came out to move our home was cordial, professional, and careful with our furniture, and when packing. They accommodate our same day move request without any hitch and or impact to a young family. I highly recommend Joyce Van Lines.....

Lastly there estimate and final price were spot on which was quite a surprise that does not happen to often.

Marcy K. 06/16/13
I’m writing to give a review of Joyce Van Lines. They have been the absolute BEST company to work with for an interstate move. I found them through I want to thank and everyone who writes comments here on this site for all the great advice I have gathered when trying to sort out my move. I’m not sure what I would have done if this website wasn’t up and running. I have no affiliation with anyone on this site. I am so just grateful to both and Joyce Van lines that I felt compelled to add my comments to the others here on the site.

When I was figuring how to approach my move, I found it extremely helpful to read very detailed information from the other people who wrote on the site. The more details they gave the better information I was able to take away. Since my move was a bit complicated I will also give many details about my situation. I hope this will be helpful to other people reading. Keep reading and you will hear all about Joyce Van lines and why I think you will be totally satisfied if you use them.

In February 2013 I was in Boynton Beach, FL at my in-law’s house. My father-in-law had passed away in September of 2012 and I had come down to the house to enjoy the weather and also decide how to deal with the house. I live in Boston,MA; with other family members living in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Ashland OR. The house in Boynton Beach, FL was filled with 50 years of furniture and memories that my in-laws had collected throughout their lifetime. While in FL in February, we received one quote from a moving company in order to get some idea about what it would cost to move things to our various homes. Coleman American Van Lines walked through the house with us and gave us an estimate with the weight of the items we talked about moving. They were quite fine to deal with but the quote came in a bit higher than we expected. The offer was binding and although I didn’t know what that meant at the time I was happy to have some kind of dollar figure in my mind about what the move might cost.

The good news was we unexpectedly sold the house a few weeks later. The bad news was now we were all faced with having to empty the house and get it ready for sale in 2 months. None of us lived in Florida and I wasn’t sure how to go about getting additional estimates for our multi-city move. That’s when I found I wrote a post on the site asking if anyone had made a multi-city interstate move without getting in--person estimates and how I should go about approaching the move. I received one answer from Bill Adams – although I had NO idea he was from Joyce Van lines. He suggested I put together a moving list as best as I could and get 3 quotes from different movers. I searched around on and found  three companies to call, plus I called my local moving Company Gentle Giant here in Boston who I have used many times and been quite happy with.

Joyce Movers was the first company I called on my list. I also sent them an email about my move. Within 15 minutes of my call to Joyce, I received a phone call from Bill Adams. He was accessible and very helpful in offering his expert advice about how I should approach the move without being in FL. He encouraged me to get at least 3 estimates and to read up about the companies on the Better Business Bureau and other places. He did not in any way push his company. And he gave me tons of information on the phone about moving in general. It wasn’t until I was about to get off the phone that I realized he was the same person who had answered my posting on

Although I received 3 additional quotes for my move, I ended up using Joyce Van lines and am SO happy that I did.

I found Bill to be honest and straight forward in all interactions. He took the time to explain how the move would work and to answer all our questions. I was worried about how to assess the cost of the move with an in-house estimate. Luckily, I had mentioned to Bill that I had a quote from another moving company who had come to the house in FL. He suggested I send him the weight and list of contents and he would give me an estimate based on that – even though the quote would not be binding. He did not want to see the quote amount or even who that company had been. After I sent the list to him, he got back to me the same day with a quote based on the weight of the items. When we discussed possibly adding in full packing he gave me an even better price that was quite a bit lower than the binding offer I had received in Florida. I was so nervous about hiring a mover that I must have called him every day for a number of days, and each time he called me right back and patiently answered all my questions.

When I hired Bill to do this move for us, I knew I was going to move furniture from Boynton Beach to Boston, with a drop off in Brooklyn. I did not know about a move to the west coast but I asked Bill for an estimate just in case we needed it at the last minute. Our move was in May 2013 and the season was already very busy. Bill gave me a quote for a move from to San Francisco and Los Angeles and told me we could decide within of week of when we were moving.

Hiring Joyce Van Lines was absolutely the BEST thing we did. From the start I thought it was a good company and I’m so glad to be able to say that our best judgement ended up being right. Starting with Bill and then dealing with each and every one of the staff at Joyce Movers we found the same friendliness, helpfulness and straight forward manner. Our move manager – Anne was terrific. Joyce did everything they said they would do and they did it well.  We ended up moving LOTS of furniture from Boynton Beach to Brooklyn, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The packing crew in Boynton Beach were wonderful. They were respectful of our items, helpful to each other and seemed to really enjoy their work. The unpacking crews in each city were the same. Easy to work with, careful with our stuff and all seemed to really enjoyed their work. In addition to all of that those initial quotes that Bill gave us came were almost exactly what we ended up paying. No hidden costs.

During the unpacking it became clear that a couple of small things had been damaged. Immediately, Bill called to hear about it and put me in touch with the claims people so we could resolve the issues. I haven’t put in my claim yet but I can imagine that given everything else that I have seen about Joyce Van Lines, I am not at all worried about this part of the process going well.

I would recommend Joyce Van lines to everyone. They are a wonderful company and you will be in great hands if you hire them.


And THANK YOU to for all your help!

Marcy K

Newton, MA

Penn H. 05/25/13
My wife and I have moved a number of times over the years, some short distances, some across the country. The professionalism, friendliness, helpfulness, and service quality of Joyce Van Lines stunned us/ blew us away/ you pick your superlative. This applied to all areas -- initial evaluation, provision of packing materials, help with some of the packing, loading, movement of shipment from CT to South FL, unloading and the care and helpfulness in placing household items usefully on arrival. We give Joyce our highest praise and wholehearted recommendation.

Penn H. 05/25/13
My wife and I have moved a number of times over the years, some short distances, some across the country. The professionalism, friendliness, helpfulness, and service quality of Joyce Van Lines stunned us/ blew us away/ you pick your superlative. This applied to all areas -- initial evaluation, provision of packing materials, help with some of the packing, loading, movement of shipment from CT to South FL, unloading and the care and helpfulness in placing household items usefully on arrival. We give Joyce our highest praise and wholehearted recommendation.

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